Well that depends on your preference, scheduling, and the type of counselling you are looking for.

For the most part we work with similar clients however we do have certain specialties and can discuss who would be a better fit when you reach out.

For couples and families, we also offer co-therapy which means both of us will work with you together at no additional cost. 


We know that everyone has their beliefs and respect that. However, for those who would like to discuss issues of spirituality, scripture and prayer, we would be happy to do so at your request.


While there is much benefit to in person meetings, there may still be concern from some clients.  We are both vaccinated and do offer in person meetings.  However, we understand some may be more comfortable on a video conferencing format. If this is you, no problem! We are trained and are confident to utilize zoom video conferencing. Just let us know which is your preference and we will work with you to have your needs met. 


We are excited to offer reduced rates of $80 for individual counselling sessions (1hr) and $120 for couples sessions (1.5hr) while we continue to build our client base. In addition we offer a sliding scale depending on your ability to pay. Contact us to discuss.


One of the most common questions is "are you covered by insurance" and the answer is "it depends". We are just finishing the process of becoming CCC "Canadian Certified Counsellors" through CCPA "Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association". Some insurances cover us, some unfortunately do not. We can help you determine this but ultimately it is up to your insurance provider.