Well that depends on your preference. 

We would like to offer you the option of meeting with both of us together for a free 15 minute session.  This will give you the opportunity to gain a sense of how you would like to proceed. 

For couples and families, we also offer co-therapy which means both of us will work with you together at no additional cost. 


Great news! We are both in the final stretch of our Masters of Counselling. What does that mean? Well it means you pay drastically less for counselling services while we are in our internship. You have access to two qualified therapists who will be supervised by Marion Goertz whose website can be found here.


We know that everyone has their beliefs and respect that. However, for those who would like to discuss issues of spirituality, scripture and prayer, we would be happy to do so at your request.


While there is much benefit to in person meetings, these unprecedented times.  We are both vaccinated and offer in person meetings.  However, we understand many will be more comfortable on a video conferencing format. If this is you, no problem! We are trained and are confident to utilize zoom video conferencing. Just let us know which is your preference and we will work with you to have your needs met. 


We are now complete internship and awaiting completion of credentials. For the interim we are excited to offer reduced rates of $80 for individual counselling sessions (1hr) and $120 for couples sessions (1.5hr). In addition we offer a sliding scale depending on your ability to pay. Contact us to discuss :)