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Together, let us discover who you were truly created to be... before it got messy.


What to Expect

Have you ever stood in a crowded room and observed those around you?  You might notice happy reunions, you might notice people on a mission, you might notice people grieving alone.  If you listen long enough you might hear stories of triumph, stories of hurt, stories of overcoming, or stories of loss. Sometimes it seems messy, like shards of broken humanity. 


We begin to find ways to compensate; perhaps we become shiny, pasting on a happy face. We can curl up in a cave somewhere in our subconscious.  Perhaps we even run from these complexities in hopes of finding something new; desperate to find a destination, but no idea where we've come from or where we are going. We hold on to the hope that there is something more.     

This is where therapy comes in.  You are not alone and you don't have to figure this out on your own.  Wherever you are in this journey, we are there to support you, to help you make sense of your stories and to learn to find meaning among the mess. Using evidence based therapy, we will help you discover that your system is complex, yet beautifully simple. Our hope is to help you embrace who you are. You are wonderfully made, let us help you see that. 



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